Mindfulness & Meditation


In its most simplistic form, mindfulness is defined as being aware of where your mind is at any given moment. The next step to mindfulness is developing the skill of being aware of where your mind is and bringing your thoughts back into the present moment. In our work together, you will learn mindfulness exercises that are meant to be practiced daily in between sessions. I work in this way because I believe in empowering you and providing you with tools you can use to better your life. After all, this is why you are coming to therapy in the first place.

You will also gain the insight of noticing the mind when it is wondering or when it is focused. This is a practice that leads to reduced worry, decreased anger, increased peace, and more happiness in your life.


Meditation can seem a bit overwhelming for beginners. But I want you to know that mindfulness is just a form of mediation and I will make it so simple and easy that you may at first distrust its simplicity. However, I caution you, do this at your own detriment. Sometimes “experts” make things more complicated so that you are dependent upon them to maintain the practice and gain the benefits. The way that I practice transfers the tools, skills and knowledge into your capable hands. Even if at first you do not feel ready, that’s okay. Together we will know when you want to take ownership.

I cannot emphasis enough how vital mindfulness and meditation is to ones’ health. Because I believe this wholeheartedly, I have provided you with a link listed below to the most researched and most used mediation tool that I am aware of and have personally been using since 2009. This tool has been used for 29 years and is used globally. Holosync allows you to mediate at the same level as a monk who has dedicated the entirety of their life to mediation, all within in minutes of putting your head phones on and listening. That’s a pretty big statement, right? The science behind this tool is impressive. You can read all about it here.

Some of the benefits of working with me and using meditation are:

Reduced Stress
Enhanced Mental Powers
Inner Peace
Increased Happiness
Decreased Emotional Reactivity
Healthier Relationships with Yourself & Others