Christian Counseling

Are you searching for a highly-trained Counselor who is rooted in Christian values? Are you seeking a professional counselor that respects your faith and values? If this is what you or your loved one needs, I am here for you.

When most people are searching for a Christian Counselor, they are hoping to find a professionally trained counselor who is also a Christian. My training is in Marriage and Family Therapy. My extended training has been in trauma and early childhood trauma. Some examples of trauma are losing a loved one, divorce, neglect or living with a caregiver who was gone all the time, or simply not available or interested in caring for you. Being in an intimate relationship with someone who frequently puts you down or makes everything your fault would be another example of trauma. Any of these experiences can lead to serious problems, deep hurt and pain, and the need to seek help.

I have come to understand that the Christian life is not about being religious. It is, however, about being in a relationship. A relationship with God based on what He has done for us on the cross. Let’s build upon what beliefs you bring into your work together and invite your beliefs and faith to assist us on the healing journey.

Clients who desire to work with a Christian Counselor have experienced deeper healing through our work together. They have found my counseling approach to be holistic, taking into account your body, heart, mind, and soul. After all, you are a whole being in need of help, why only focus on one aspect of yourself?

If you are suffering from past abuse or neglect and have now reached a point where you want to be free from that pain, there is no time like the present to take the first step and schedule an appointment. It can be so difficult to disclose that kind of pain when you have grown up in an environment where this did not seem safe to discuss. Too frequently our church family can be seen as judgemental. Here, we will not be judging others or ourselves. What we will be doing is seeking to develop compassion and the gift of love.

No matter the source of your pain, or your history, if the hurt is still lingering in your heart it is time now to learn to heal and move forward.