Individual Counseling

I specialize in working with adults who experienced early childhood trauma. Trauma is complicated. It is not a one size fits all. What do I mean by that? When you experience something that is too overwhelming to understand and tolerate that can be trauma. Another person may have a different response, but please hear me when I say, that does not nor should it minimize the impact the experience had on you.

Trauma is also something that can be treated and you can heal from. So many people believe they are destined to live with the negative impact of an unhealthy family life. I extend to you good news. I have studied trauma for years and I have learned from the world’s experts regarding the most up-to-date treatment. It is my method to work in a gentle and compassionate way. Healing does not always require you to talk through every aspect and detail of your life in order for you to gain freedom and healing. I know that is a relief. Many relieved clients have taken a deep relaxing breath when they heard me say that to them.

Some frequent complaints I hear from adults who had childhood experiences they found traumatic are:

anger, irritability, mood swings; anxiety and fear; guilt, shame, self-blame; feeling disconnected or numb; isolating and withdrawn from others, frequently over reacting emotionally, sadness, hopelessness, sleep difficulties, over eating, unstable relationship history, confusion, and difficulty concentrating.

If this sounds too familiar and you are ready to do the deep work, and embrace the healing that is possible, then I am ready too. Book your first appointment here.