Relationship Issues

The area of your life known as relationships is my area of expertise. Relationships cover a broad spectrum of life. We have Relationships with family, with friends, co-workers and significant others, as well as our spouse or partner. Family, unlike any other relationship has a deep, generational history and impact, creating greater passion, emotions and pain than most all other relationships.

If your story includes issues related to family that continue to hurt you and keep you from becoming all that you want to be in life as an adult, let’s talk. I help people every day with this issue.

Intimate relationships that are not working well are the biggest reason people come in to work with me. If you are hoping to gain clarity on yourself and your role in the relationship I want to help. Too often you are ready to give up on the relationship when the issues really can be resolved. Our work will help you identity the patterns that keep repeating and that are not serving you or your relationship. Becoming aware of these patterns and developing other ways to communicate and think through the problems are immensely helpful. Does this sound like something you can benefit from? If so, book an appointment and let’s get started.

One question I get a lot concerns how effective it is to work with me when you are the only one interested in getting help.  Many books have been written on this subject. One such book is highly recommended, “Boundaries; When to Say Yes and How to Say No.” I have worked with hundreds of clients who have learned firsthand just how effective working one on one with me can be on your relationships.