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Joyce D. Scherdin, MSC, LMFT

The most important thing I think you may want to know about me is the fact that I love, love, love being a therapist. This profession makes my heart sing. I feel so honored to be entrusted with the life giving work of this profession.

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When people are asked, “what do you hope to achieve during therapy?” the most common answer is “to be happy.”

However, right now, it may be enough to simply feel less stressed.

Therapy is a journey and a very rewarding one when you decide to take it. But for some, deciding to go into therapy is the step that holds them back.

Are you in a space where you are considering therapy, but aren’t sure if you actually want to do it? I promise that taking the first step and making that call will help your stress levels go down. And, as you continue your journey through therapy, things that once overwhelmed you will become things of the past.

A client once said, “I started working with Joyce to heal from past trauma, but I continue because I see the benefits as she helps me buffer the everyday stressors of being a busy mom while balancing faith, family, and a career.”

With therapy, your ability to deal with emotional difficulties will improve.

When you struggle with issues like anxiety, depression, anger, fear, lack of confidence, and feeling that you are not enough will decrease until they disappear.

A client once said, “I wish I had met Joyce years ago. She has given me the tools in redirecting my path. I am no longer angry, anxious or overwhelmed. She has been a blessing to our family and I highly recommend her services.”

With therapy, your mental clarity will be noticeably better.

You will find that you have increased focus, concentration, and the ability to make decisions. You will become more solution-oriented.

A client once said, “Joyce’s holistic approach to therapy and knowledge of mindfulness have helped equip me to be a more productive, satisfied, and emotionally stable person.”

The result?

When love and inspiration replace the worry and anxiety you used to experience every moment, you will know why people all over the world have embraced therapy as a way to improve their lives.



More confidence



Increased energy



Vibrant happiness

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