“I wish I had met Joyce years ago. She has given me the tools instrumental in redirecting my path. I am no longer angry, anxious and overwhelmed. She has been a blessing to our family and I highly recommend her services.”
– Kristy

“Professional, comfortable and insightful. Exceptional experience and I will continue to see Ms. Scherdin.”
– Kimberly M.

“…very approachable. She gave me empathy and also asked questions that led me to a deeper understanding of myself.”
– Megan M.

“Joyce is a wonderful caring and compassionate counselor. She helped me get through a very difficult time in my life and I would not be where I am today without her guidance and support. It can be very frustrating to find the right “fit” when it comes to searching for a mental health counselor or therapist. After a few tries with others that did not work out, she was the perfect fit for me.”
– Ashley B.

“I reached out to Joyce after realizing that the anxiety I had dealt with my whole life had begun to negatively affect my personal relationships. The first day I spoke to her I said “I know I will always have horrible anxiety.” That statement could not have been more wrong. Of course I still get occasional mild anxiety, like everyone else in the world, but it no longer has a hold on my life or relationships. Joyce is not only professional and effective but also genuine. She helped me get to the real root of the feelings I was having and helped me develop a more confident and positive outlook and attitude. Her services have literally impacted my life more positively that I could have hoped for. I would recommend her to anyone!”
– Emma W.

“Joyce is a Christian based therapist who is professional but personable. She encourages both a traditional approach to counseling but also incorporates reading, meditation, and relaxation breathing. Joyce is exceptionally helpful in the area of life coaching and strives to ensure her clients are emotionally well rounded and have the coping resources necessary to meet the challenges we face from living in a fast paced world of family, marriage, and work.”
– Laura B.

“You have been the best gift we have ever given to our marriage…We are so thankful for what you have given to us. We are in a much more solid place as we…PS we conquered the intimacy thing too!”
– Anonymous

“There are not enough words in the English language to describe my gratitude for Joyce and the healing my time with her has provided. I am generally a very private, type-A, fix-it myself kind of person, who was very reluctant to air my “dirty laundry” to a perfect stranger. But one visit with Joyce and my mind was at ease. Joyce doesn’t give me the answers, she listens carefully and offers insightful perspective. Joyce challenges me to think and act differently, but she does so as a friend would – with gentleness and kindness (and within the context of faith in God, which is crucial for me). I started working with Joyce to heal from past trauma, but I continue to see benefits as she helps me buffer the everyday stressors of being a busy mom balancing faith, family and a career. Joyce has a true God-given gift and I feel blessed to have found her.”
– Ashley