Are you a successful professional adult who has experienced trauma, neglect and family disruptionsearly on in life?

Are you frustrated that in most areas of life you have found meaning and purpose, yet there is still a piece of you that is holding back?

Are relationships less than what you hoped for or longed to experience?

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It’s likely you have tried many things over the years to change and improve both yourself and your relationships, as that’s what successful people do, right? If this sounds like you, welcome. I’m glad we’ve connected here. The majority of my clients have tried many times over the years to resolve the problems in their life and in their relationships with others. Reading self-help books, attending seminars and workshops, trips away with their special someone, and even previous counseling sessions have failed them before. Some clients have seen two of three different counselors over the years and are still not living the relational life they long to experience.

Frequent issues like anxiety, fatigue, lack of sleep, trust, honesty, and yes even depression are common struggles for adults who had early childhood trauma. These traumas range from feeling neglected and ignored, to the death of a loved one, a divorce,or a parent with substance abuse issues.

If you know there is more to life and are ready to do the deep work it takes in order to find happiness, I can help you heal.I have devoted my life’s work to helping others find success after an early trauma and am committed to both my clients and their goals.

Even if you are exhausted, stressed, anxious, frustrated, and dissatisfied now, with the right therapy and therapist, you can regain a sense of purpose and connection within yourself and or your relationships.

Contact me, Joyce D. Scherdin, MSC, LMFT today to get a free consultation and schedule your first therapy session. All it takes is one step towards change to make a huge difference.